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Since 1998 Softech Systems
has offered the premier in out
board for office environments.
Save time and improve intra
office communication with
an all access in and out board.

Employees will simply
select a sign out choice
and a return time.
Your receptionist can
tell instantly which
employees are available
and those that are away
from the office.
A single purchase price
covers the in and out board
and technical support.

Save time and improve intra-office communication with our electronic in out board!

Check-In Check-Out  
" I don't think you could make it any easier to install or use ! "    
... B. Tunney,  Applus RTD in out boards are available in the United States, Canada, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand !

Main in out boardreceptionistEmployee sign out screen

Check-In Check-Out ©  is Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10 compatible!

Select the best in out board for your office from our comparison chart!

Employees sign in/out on their office PC .. only 2 mouse clicks!  Changes show up instantly on your receptionist's computer. No wallboards or whiteboards to update continuously.  The in/out board is always up to date.  Installs in seconds, simple to use .. no training needed! 

Improves your intra office communication!

History logs record everone's sign in and out times.  Emergency reports satisfy safety requirements.  A reminder can sign you back in automatically.  Your receptionist can email directly from the in/out board.  Our "Enterprise" version includes a pre-sign out calendar for signing out in advance.  Great for meetings, vacations, etc.

More In/Out Board Features!

In addition to viewing the board on each computer, it can also be displayed in lobbies and work areas on large wall mounted  display screens!   Free tech support is always included.   No recurring fees ... 1 price covers everyone at your facility!


check  A+  rated by the  Better Business Bureau !

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  • We also offer room scheduling  and  visitor
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A Softech electronic in out board will help your receptionist direct incoming calls faster!

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