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Unlimited User In Out Boards ($89 - $129)!

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 For a more accurate, secure, and less expensive in/out board system,
Check-In Check-Out ©  does
not interface with cell phones !


We've eliminated ...

1. Fees: monthly, annual, and / or per-user fees
   We only charge a low, one-time purchase price !
2. Logins: logging in with a password every time
   No logins, the program automatically recognizes each employee
3. Apps: installed on everyone's phone
   No apps are installed on anyone's phone
4. Issues: employees signing "in" while still out
   Employees cannot sign "in" unless they are back in the office
5. Installs: complicated installations & configurations
   Check-In Check-Out installs in seconds!
6. Support: some companies charge "per incidence" fees
   Fast tech support has always been free!
7. Security: employee info residing on your vendor's server
   All employee info (and the program) stay secure on your network!

Employees will need to (from their desk) ...

  • Sign out before leaving the office  (2 mouse clicks)
  • Sign back "In" when they return  (1 mouse click)
  • Receptionists / administrators can easily update
    an absent employee's status at any time !

Watch our demo!

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