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Unlimited User In Out Boards ($89 - $129)!

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 For a more accurate, secure, and less expensive in/out board system,
Check-In Check-Out ©  does not interface with cell phones !



Here is why we discourage cell phone access:

  1. Monthly, annual, and per-user fees are eliminated
  2. Annoying password logins are eliminated
  3. Installing tracking apps on each phone is eliminated
  4. Signing in remotely before actually arriving
    at the office (it happens) is eliminated
  5. Complicated installations are eliminated
  6. Staff info residing on a vendor's server is eliminated.
    All info stays on your network!


Employees should ...

  • Sign out before leaving the office  (2 mouse clicks)
  • Sign back "In" when they return  (1 mouse click)
  • Receptionists / administrators can easily update
    an absent employee's status at any time !

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