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Electronic in out boards
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Our Customer Feedback Page !

Feedback Image

We follow up with each customer to find out if there are any suggestions that we can use to make our 
'Check-In Check-Out' program easier to use.  The following comments are printed with each customer's permission !


" So far everyone really likes the "anywhere" version, especially our field appraisers and the front office ! "
... G. King,  Central Appraisal Dist of Taylor County


" Super easy setup made the IT Department happy,   Super easy to use made our users happy!  This along with Top Shelf
support makes Softech Systems a "Gold Star" company ! "

... T. Pipher,  Aids Task Force of Cleveland


" This is way too EASY!!   Great product!"
... D. Peroulakis,  Cortland County Community Action Program


" We are up and running on the new in/out board and it is working great!  We love it !!. "
... C. Pisco,  Florida Dept. of Health


" Very good product !  It's perfect for what we want to accomplish. "
... M. Pellegrini,  Metropolitan Electric


" ... Softech's Check-In Check-Out program has really helped us manage our incoming phone calls! "
... D. Kidd,  Branch, Inc.


" This is so much nicer than having a big board in the office ! "
... R. Fullwood,  Associated Food Stores, Inc.


" The application is great.  We've had other administrative assistants 'try' other packages and have constantly came back to your software."
... M. Evelyn,  Bowman, Foster, & Associates


" We love the electronic board !  It's great to get rid of our huge whiteboard that takes up so much wall space ! "
... T. Rohloff,   Anoka County Community Corrections


" Our employees love it ... highly recommend your product based on the service we received ! "
... S. Kamath,   Emmanuel Nursing Home


" We love it!   It's a great system and super easy to use !!!!! "
... T. Franck,  Colorado Dept. Human Services


" Mr. Sagnette .. the program has been extremely beneficial with the size office/ number of employees we have and in keeping track of the comings/goings within the office."
... D. Johnson,  Delaware Dept. of Corrections


" We've been using it for over 5 years now.  Hands down it is the best 'bang for the buck' I've ever gotten from any software purchase !"
... M. Boersma,  Triangle Associates, Inc.


" The program works brilliantly!  It's the best I've seen! "
... C. Botha,  Oakhurst Insurance


" We are excited about the software and love the fact that it's so user friendly !"
... K. Miles,  Behrent Engineering


" If your goal was to make the software easy to use and inexpensive, you certainly met your goals !"
... R. Bryce,  Pinellas County Bldg & Development


" We have found it to be extremely user-friendly !"
... S. Hill, Parrish Law Firm


" Still love your software.  I've had only positive comments about it since the day we installed it !"
... D. Williams, Wear-Concepts


" The software is easy to use, practical and convenient.  It's also the solution to our fire safety needs."
... G. Stier, Family Service of Roanoke Valley


" I have it going ... this is a fantastic program and very easy to setup and use ! "
... J. Jernigan,  Commercial Mechanical Systems, Inc.


"... it's working wonderfully!   Love the functionality ! "
... C. McTaggart,  American Red Cross


" I believe the quickness and ease of use makes this app very convenient and why it is working for us where so many other attempts failed. "
... C. Abbott,  Statcomm, Inc.


" For the price this is excellent and we love it ! "
... K. Smith,   Decatur Family YMCA


" Your 'Check-In Check-Out' program has been such a sucess I would like to give the Education Tracker a test run ! "
... D. Emerson,  Huntington Steel


" We love the program ... it has really helped us with work flow and with tracking of employee time ! "
... L. Taylor,  Boyles Moak Insurance


" We have been very unsuccessful finding another program to match the simplicity of Softech's, nor are we able to match the price ! "
... T. Harrah,  Ohio Historical


" Your new Enterprise version looks great!   The pre-checkout is a wonderful feature! "
... F. Rachal,  Minnesota Insurance Brokers


"Thanks for making our upgrade so seamless ! "
... R. Villa,   Town of Oakville


" We upgraded to the 'Enterprise' version after using the 'Professional' version.  Our users love the new pre-check out features ! "
... M. Dunn,  The Sorenson Companies


" On behalf of First National Realestate , we are so pleased with the Check-In Check-Out board!   It is quick and easy to use ! "
... G. Davies,  First National Realestate


" We really like the system, it has been a great help to all of us ! "
... R. Hunzicker,   Neighbors Construction Co.


" Thanks again for creating such a wonderful program ... I can't say enough about it!   It seems to run forever and never has a problem ! "
... P. Smith,  Southwest Center for Independent Living


" It has been integrated flawlessly throughout our system!   Thanks for your wonderful product ! "
... D. Barber,  United Way


" I can't think of any tweaks that would improve it.   It has perfectly fit what we were looking for."
... J. Black,  Houston Community Management Services


" Your in/out board has received nothing but great reviews from the staff. It is extremely convenient ! "
... E. Smies,  Autumn Tree Care Experts, Inc.


" I would recommend this product to anyone that wishes to rid themselves of the magnetic board nightmare and move into the computer age ! "
... T. Spinder,  Montana State Crime Lab


" I don't know how it could be any easier to sign in or out!   It's working great for us ! "
... T. Burkhalter,  DSEC


" I don't think you could make it any easier to install or use ! "
... B. Tunney,  Applus RTD


" We are up and running!!!!!   Our Call Coordinator is thrilled."
... K. Danner,  Keller Williams Realty


"... I rely on it heavily! It is hard to imagine what I used to do without it ! "
... S. Croft,  The ECH Group


"Your software seems to be the least intrusive out there ... not to mention it has the best price ! "
... B. Ashmore,  Kentucky Housing Corp.


" Our customer service support has improved because of your product ! "
... D. Trudeau,  Oasis Alignment Svcs


" This program has been so helpful ! Everyone here loves it ! "
... M. Sylvester,  Hamilton Coatings


" Awesome product ! Our first trial day and I have not received a single complaint or issue ! "
... S. Macfarlane,  Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.


" I like the simplicity of your program as well as the ease it was to setup. It is so great to have someone not only listen, but respond so quickly to a suggestion ! "
... B. Griffin,  Parkell Inc.


" Your in/out board has been a real time saver! Thanks for a great product!"
... C. Honer,  Dir. Business / IT Systems


" Your newest Check-In Check-Out version is great ! "
... C. Williams,  Fox Service


" ... this is a good program for us to use here. Everyone found it easy to use ! "
... W. Lucas,  LaSalle Group, Inc.


" Your program is so popular here we are ordering 2 more for our satellite offices ! "
... L. Lepage,  Jeanne Sauve Family Svcs


"This is one of the finest software programs we've seen in a long time ! "
... G. Kmiecik,  Coldwell Banker Action


" Just a note to let you know that the rollout of your in/out software went more smoothly than with any other software I have ever installed. Our staff of 62 have really taken to it. This is a Help Desk's dream ! "
... A. Redding,  Pathways, Inc.


" I think that this is a first-rate product and would be happy to give an endorsement ! "
... W. McCord,  WKMC Architects


" There isn't anything that I could suggest to improve or modify the software ! "
... C. Yuhas,  Midwest Surveys Inc.


" Thanks for such a great and easy to use product! It's exactly what we were looking for ! "
... D. Cawvey,  Martin Riley Mock


" Everything is working perfectly ! This application will be the exact thing our company needs ! "
... D. Gaddy,  Fikes Whlse


" So far the product is doing exactly what we were looking for at a perfect price ! "
... S. McCoy,  Kentucky Housing Corp.


" Not only is it a cost effective system that is meeting our needs, but you are a most cooperative and accommodating software company ! "
... B. Eudailey,  Academy for Staff Development

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