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If you follow these simple guidelines, you will enjoy
many years of dependable, trouble free service!

1.  Make a backup copy of your program ... you will need it!

  1. Copy the folder to several backup locations.  Burn it onto a CD, too!
  2. Delete any files from your new backup folder that end in ".net" or ".mov" (example:,,,, etc.).   These are leftover files from the original folder.
  3. Burn the folder onto a CD.
  4. If you ever need to replace your program simply delete all of the files in your program's folder
    and copy your backup files into the folder.   Note: you cannot delete ALL of the files if anyone
    still has the program running).

2.  Empty the HISTORY LOGS at least twice a year (or more) !

  1. They can accumulate quickly !
  2. Click TOOLS, then LOGS (or HISTORY LOGS) on the menu bar.
  3. Once the logs open, click TOOLS and EMPTY LOGS on the menu bar.
  4. It is good practice, if you have more than 30 users, to empty them monthly or quarterly.

3.  Make sure  EVERYONE closes their program  when they leave the office.

  1. Ideally, only the receptionist(s) should leave their program running all day.
  2. If the server reboots during the night or weekend it can corrupt the program if anyone has
    left it running.

4.  Make sure only 3 or 4 at the most are running the "receptionist" program.

  1. Everyone else should be accessing their personal sign out screen.
  2. The  personal sign out screen is the screen that shows the user's name at the top
  3. If more than 4 are running the receptionist program it may slow down performance.

5.  Make sure no one tries to access the program remotely !

  1. By "other locations" we mean other cities or other office buildings.   The program should
    accommodate everyone in the building where the program was originally installed.
  2. Performance can slow to a crawl and may take up to a minute for the program just to open
    up if accessed remotely.
  3. The site license only covers individuals at the physical location where your program
    was installed.

6.  If the program "hangs" up when you try to open, a file may have become corrupt.  Most
     likely someone had a forced or abnormal shutdown while the program was running !

  1. Make sure everyone closes their Check-In program before restarting their computer.  Also,
    nmake sure everyone closes their Check-In program when they leave the office !
  2. The program should normally only take less than 2 or 3 seconds to open up.

7.  If Microsoft's "Automatic Updates" prompts you to restart your computer,
     close your Check-In program before you reboot !

  1. Close your Check-In Check-Out program before rebooting. You can select "Reboot Later"
    or "Exit without rebooting" and then safely close your Check-In Check-Out program.  Then
    you can shut down and reboot.


If you encounter any error messages or problems please contact us at this email address:

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Thank you for being a Softech customer!

L. Scott Sagnette
Softech Systems