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History Logs

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History logs accumulate quickly!
We recommend emptying them monthly!


Simple To Use

Open the Logs - click the "History Logs" button on the Receptionist's / Administrator's menu bar

history logs  

Enable / Disable History Logs - you can easily disable the history logs if you do not wish to
track everyone's status changes.  Look for the "Disable - Active" button in the upper right
corner of your "receptionist / administrator" program.

Disable Logs Image

Delete Logs -
click the "Delete Logs" button on the menu bar to empty the history logs. We
recommend emptying them monthly as they do accumulate very quickly!

Delete Logs Button

Reset Button
- click the "Reset" button anytime you wish to see everyone again after searching
by Name or by Date Range.

reset button

Save Logs As a PDF file - click the "PDF" button to save the logs as a PDF file. Then click
your browser's "download arrow" to access the PDF file.

download arrow

Print Report - you can print a report for "everyone" or anything you have searched on. You
can select any or all pages to print!

print pages


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