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In/Out Boards That Make Sense !

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How Does Everything Work ?
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1. Fill out the short request form to try 'Check-In Check-Out' for 35 days. We'll email simple instructions.

Simply add a few employees (or everone) to the "receptionist" program. We'll also send where to download the free Android and IOS apps..

2. When adding employees, give each employee a username (their email address) and a unique password ... you can make up the passwords or let the employees suggest their own passwords! Once the names have been added, your in/out board is ready !!

And finally ...

When you use the master username & password that we send, your secure "receptionist" program will open in any web browser.

When employees use the username & password you assign, their personal sign out screen will open in any browser. They can see everyone but can only change their own status!


To see examples of the program in use please view our short  videos !


Need a quick answer?   Contact us at:

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