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Complete Instructions

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  1. Installing The Program

1. Download the installation file

a. Create a folder (or "share") on your network that everyone can have full access to.
b. Run the downloaded file (double click on it to start the installation).
c. When it asks for a location to install the program into, select the folder (or share) that
    you created.

  1. Create A Shortcut (icon) for Everyone - There are 2 ways to do this:

1.First Way:

a. Create a shortcut for each user that will not be a "receptionist".
    - Have it point to the "Outin32.exe" file in your new folder.
b. Create a shortcut for each receptionist
    - Have it point to "Summry32.exe" in your new folder.

Note: if you set up more than 4 receptionists, the program may perform slower

2. Second Way:

a. From each user's computer navigate to your new network folder.
b. Double click on "Shortcut.exe". It will create the shortcut for you.
    - it will also ask if you wish to have the Reminder installed on that user's computer.

  1. Add Everyone's Name To The Program

1. Open the "receptionist" program

a. Click "Add" or "Add Names" (depending on your version) on the menu bar at the top.
b. It will ask for the individual's name to be displayed.
    - We include phone extensions (example: Scott Sagnette - 414)
    - It will also ask for the individual's network login name (mine is SCOTTS)

  1. How Employees Will Use the Program

1. Individual Users

a. Individual Users are employees that are not "receptionists".
    - They can select an event and a return time from their personal in/out screen.
    - Their name is automatically displayed at the top of their screen.
    - By clicking "Everyone" on the menu bar they can see a list of who is in or out
      of the office.
    - Double clicking on any department displays only the individuals in that dept.
    - Double clicking again on any department resets and displays everyone.

Note: there is a 15 second refresh rate (delay) for status changes to appear in
         the receptionist's program.  This helps reduce network traffic.


  1. How The Receptionist Will Use the Program

1. The "receptionist" program is actually the control program.

a. The "receptionist" can change anyone's in/out status.
    - Usually only managers and receptionists access the "receptionist" program.
   - Yes, individuals can have both the "individual user" and
      "receptionist" shortcuts.
   - Individuals will normally change their own in/out status.

    - The Receptionist can also view just those that are "in" or view just the ones
       that are "out".
    - This effectively shortens the list if there are a large number of employees.
    - He or she can change the program's screen colors (Professional and
      Enterprise versions only).

    - Double clicking on any department in the list displays only that department.
    - Double click on a department again to see everyone.
    - A great tool to see who is available in a particular department.

History Logs
    - Click TOOLS and LOGS on the menu bar of the "receptionist" program.
    - The logs are a record of everyone's in/out times.
    - The logs can easily be exported to Excel
    - Select an individual's name from the dropdown list to see that individual's
    - You can also select a date range when viewing the logs.
    - We recommend that the logs be emptied  several times a year  as they can
      accumulate very quickly !
    - To empty the logs click TOOLS and EMPTY DATABASE on the menu bar.

Event Titles / Sign Out Choices
    - This great feature allows you to customize the in/out status events (Lunch,
       Vacation, etc.).
    - Click TOOLS, "Sign Out Choices" (or "Event Titles").  Follow the simple prompts.

  1. The "Reminder"- Enabling / Removing

1. The Reminder checks you back in automatically when you log onto the network.

Enabling the "Reminder"

If you have the "Enterprise" version:
    - From each workstation navigate to where the program was installed.
    - Double click on "Install_Reminder.exe" (a file in your in/out program folder).

If you have the "Professional" version:
    - Run "Shortcut.exe" (a file in the Check-In folder) from each workstation
      (it will give you the option of enabling the "Reminder").

Removing the "Reminder"

If you have the "Enterprise" version:
    - From each workstation navigate to where the program was installed.
    - Double click on "Remove_Reminder.exe" (a file in your in/out program folder).

If you have the "Professional" version:
    - Click START, PROGRAMS, and StartUp
    - If either "Chklogin.exe" or "Reminder" is in the list, delete them.


  1. Ideally, only the "receptionists" should leave their program running all day!

     2. Make sure  everyone  closes their 'Check-In Check-Out' program when they leave the office !


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