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" I wish all of our software programs were this easy to use ! "
... M. Wise,  The Branch Group  

employee access

Update your status from anywhere!

receptionist screen

Receptionist's "control" screen

mobile sign outMobile "Everyone" screen

Full mobile access!

Access your office board from anywhere with any device!

mobile site
( click if viewing on cellphone )

Our mobile version lets office employees access the in/out board from anywhere using any device (laptop, desktop, cell phone, etc.).  Office employees can sign out using their personal sign-out screen with any web browser. Receptionists can update anyone's status. Use your cell phone to update your status or leave a note if you are away from the office!

We also offer an "office only" version (no mobile access) that installs on your network server. Employees can sign in or out on their office PC. They can also pre-sign out for future events. History logs store everyone's activity. The "office only" version is packed with helpful features.

  • Click on any image (above) for more info !
  • Display your office board in your lobby !
  • A free app for cell phone users
  • Customize the sign-out choices
  • A real time "Quick Report" for emergencies
  • Pricing - simple, inexpensive, no contracts !
  • Free tech support ... always !
  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed !
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