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Vehicle Tracker header

The easiest way to track drivers and vehicles !



  •   Share it on your computer network !
  •   Simple to install and use .. no training necessary !
  •   Track vehicles & drivers with electronic logs !
  •   Reserve  a vehicle for future use !
  •   Sort the list by driver or vehicle number
  •   The easiest way to keep up with drivers & vehicles !
  •   Print vehicle status reports !
  •   Free  30 day trial !

Vehicle Tracker



Vehicle Report


Vehicle Tracker demo

Softech Systems also has unlimited capacity in/out boards !

Sales Dept.
Track your company vehicle history with Softech's Vehicle Tracker.  Designed for ease of use, our vehicle tracker lets you effortlessly locate each driver and vehicle.  A vehicle report detailing the current status of each vehicle can be printed at any time.

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