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 To Remove the Publisher's Warning please do the following:


 In/Out Board Display


Here Is the First of 3 Possible Solutions:

1. Open "Tools" and "Internet Options" from Internet Explorer menu bar.

2. Select Security Tab

3. Select 'Local Intranet' icon from the zones shown

4. Click on 'Sites' command button, which opens a 'Local Intranet' Dialog Box

5. Click on 'Advanced' command button, which opens a dialog box where you are able to add and remove websites from your intranet.

6. Add "\\servername\" to list of websites. Click 'Close, then 'OK' to return to main Internet Options Dialog Box.


Here Is a "Fix" From a 2nd Customer :
"We lowered his IE7 settings on local intranet to Medium Low from Medium and that seemed to have remedied the situation."


Here Is a "Fix" From a 3rd Customer :
"We were able to use Group Policies in Active Directory to set the server site as a trusted local site which keeps windows happy and users no longer get that Unknown Publisher warning."



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