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Updating Your Cell Phone App
After Your Password has Changed !


Apple Image

1. Delete the App From Your Phone

- Tap & hold any app until the icons begin shaking

- Tap the " x " by the "Check-In Check-Out" app    

- Tap Delete to remove the app                             

2. Reinstall The App On Your Phone

- Tap your "App Store" app                                

- Search for "Check-In Check-Out" (see below)

ipad screen

- Install ("Get") the app ... it only takes a few seconds

using your phone you can also visit:




Android Image

1. Go to Settings, then Apps & Notifications
2. Locate and tap on the Check-In Check-Out app

3. Tap Storage & Cache

Android Screen

4. Tap Clear Storage

Android Screen

You can now open the app and login with
your new password



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