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Here is the easy way to remind indviduals to sign out at the end of the day !


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Download our  sign out alert  file if you haven't already (do not download more than one time !!)

a. "Save" it into the in/out program folder on the network.

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1. For each user, click their START button, and open the CONTROL PANEL.

Select "Administrative Tools" and select  "Task Scheduler" .


2. As shown below, when the Scheduler opens, click "Action" on the menu bar and select
"Create Basic Task".

Task Scheduler


3. As shown below give your task a name and description.

Task Scheduler


4. As shown below select a time you want the popup to appear
( usually 15 or 20 min before leaving for the day )

a) Make sure "1" is in the recurring weekly box

b) Select the days you wish the reminder to appear

Task Scheduler


5. As indicated below select "Start a program"

Task Scheduler


6. Browse to your Check-In folder and select the "Signout_Alert.exe" file

Task Scheduler


7. Click the Next button and the Finish. button.



If you encounter error messages or problems please contact us at this email address:

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Thank you for being a Softech customer!

L. Scott Sagnette
Softech Systems