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Enterprise in out board title
" Your new Enterprise version looks great !  The pre-checkout is a wonderful feature ! "
. . .  F. Rachal ,  Minnesota Insurance Brokers


Our best selling Enterprise in out board offers the same look and performance as our popular "Professional" version.   Additional features make our "Enterprise" in out boards an extra value for any busy office!

Pre-Sign Out Scheduler Included
Individuals can sign out ahead of time for vacation, meetings, etc., by clicking "pre-check outs" on the menu bar.   Fill in the date and time of the future event (vacation, appointment, meeting, etc.).   When the pre-check out date and time arrives, the "Enterprise" program will sign you out  automatically !

Your receptionist(s) can print a pre-sign out report that displays all of the pre-check outs!

 Pre-Check Out Calendar  Pre-Check Out Report

Displays Your Company Name
Our "Enterprise" edition displays your company name at the top of the program (the window "title" bar) in place of "Check-In Check-Out" giving the appearance of an "in house" application that your facility has developed.

Extra Column Displays Actual Sign In / Out Time   New Indicator
We've added an extra column to the receptionist program that displays the actual time the user signed out or signed back in.  The extra column is in a slightly different font color to make viewing easier.  See our online "Enterprise" demo !

Email Directly From the Summary Screen
Our newest Enterprise feature lets your receptionist right click on any name in the summary list to quickly send an email. Your company's email program will open with that employee's email address and "Subject" line filled in automatically.

Additional In Out Statuses Added
Our "Lite" and "Professional" in out boards offer 9 sign out statuses or "events" (Lunch, Medical / Sick, Vacation, In Meeting, etc.) to select from.   You can modify or customize the "events" to better suite your company.

Our newest "Enterprise" version of Check-In Check-Out offers 12 customizable "events" or statuses to select from.

Additional Return Time  Easy  Buttons
Rather than typing in an estimated "Return Time", it is faster to click on a return time "button" (as shown in our online demo).  The "Enterprise" version provides buttons in more precise 15 minute increments rather than the "Professional" version's 30 minute increments.  Note: you can still type in any return time in the "Return Time" box.


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