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Need to have different individuals share the same computer?
Or .. individuals do not have network login names ?


1.  Create as many shortcuts as needed on the shared computer.  Have each
     shortcut point to Outin32.exe  (a file in your in/out program folder).

2.  RIGHT click on each shortcut and look for the Target property (see graphic).
    Type in a blank space after  Outin32.exe  as shown in the graphic and then
    type in the individual's network login name (the name they log into the network
    with).   If they don't have one you can make one up.  Do this for each shortcut.


In the example shown below you can see, in the Target property of the shortcut,
my network user login name "SCOTTS" after  Outin32 . exe.

Note: If you make up a "network login name"  make sure it matches
the one you use (or make up) when you add the user to the in / out program.



Image of shortcut properties



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