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Check-In Check-Out ©  Solved Issues
( these are the only 4 issues that we know of )


Click here if you need help with your older "office only" version !

1.  I can log into the receptionist program on the web but not the mobile app.   You are most likel likely using the
    receptionist's master username & password rather than the username and password your receptionist or
    administrator created for you when they added you to the program.


2.  No one is able to open the app on their phone.  Make sure the receptionoist has added everyone's name to the
    program! Use the username and password that your receptionist gave you.


3.  I am getting "Waiting on download ..." when I try to download the app.  Turn on your Wi-Fi connectivity if it is
    not already turned on and then try downloading. Your network may be have slowed down or you may have a
    weak connection.  If your Wi-Fi connectivity was already enabled .. try turning it off temporarily to use your
    phone's network. Your Wi-Fi connection may be weak.


4.  I cannot see my "Comments" on my iPhone.  To save battery power many users will select "Dark" (black
    background on their phones. When you do that, text will be in a white font and will not show up against the
    white background of the "Check-In Check-Out" app.  Setting your Display back to the default "Light" setting
    will fix the problem.
  Android users will not have this issue.

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