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In/Out Boards That Make Sense !

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Our 7 Most Asked Questions ! 
" This is so much nicer than having a big board in the office ! "
... R. Fullwood, Associated Food Stores, Inc.


Q.  Does the price cover everyone or are we charged for each user?   The one time cost covers everyone at your physical location.  There are no hidden charges, monthly or annual fees!  A free reminder is included that will check individuals back in automatically!


Q.  Is your software compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 ?   Yes!   Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.


Q. Do you offer any support?   Yes!  We offer free technical support!  Our response times and product knowledge are legendary!  Email us at the email addresses shown below for fast and friendly support !


Q.  How does it work?  Download and  install  the program into a folder or share on your network. Then simply create the shortcut on everyone's computer to access the in out board with!   It is the least complicated electronic in/out board available anywhere!

Each employee will have a personal sign out screen that displays their name at the top automatically.

Your receptionist(s) will have a list of everyone's in/out status on his or her screen that will always be current.  He or she can also sign individuals in and out.  It is perfect for any size office!


Q.  What if I am away from the office and cannot update my status?  Very easy!  Your receptionist or anyone with access to the receptionist / administrator program can update your status by right clicking on your name in the list.  Simple, easy, and quick to do.


Q.  Is this a web based app?   No !   The program and all employee info will reside securely on your server. You will own the program and the data. Your employee info will not be exposed to the internet!


Q.  Can we assign more than 1 "receptionist" ?  Sure!   Optimally you'll want to have no more than 2 or 3 individuals accessing the "Receptionist" or control program ... most individuals will be accessing their personal in/out screen that displays their name at the top automatically (it also has a summary screen much like the "Receptionist" main screen) as shown in our online demo !



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