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in/out board repairman

Click here if your  "Anywhere"  (has cell phone access) Check-In Check-Out©  program
has any issues.

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If your older "Lite", "Professional", or "Enterprise" Check-In Check-Out©
program has any of these symptons
- freezes or locks up
- can't change a status
- "Access denied "

- error messages

of the time we have the customer download and run the appropriate "repair / update file" for their version of the program.  Please bookmark this site!

Let's find out what version you have:    Lite, Professional, or Enterprise ?

  - If you can open the "receptionist" program click TOOLS and ABOUT.
  - If you can't open the receptionist program you can also RIGHT CLICK on either "Outin32.exe" or "Summry32.exe"
    and select "Properties". Look for "Version" information.

 Enterprise Versions: 9.1   9.0   8.2   8.1   7.0   6.3   6.2   6.1   6.0   4.5-E   4.4-A   4.3-A

 Professional Versions: 12   11-D   11-E   10-C   4.5-C   4.5-D   11-D

 Lite Versions: 2.0   10


2. Let's Repair Your Program :

To repair your "Enterprise" program please visit 
  - Follow the simple steps VERY carefully

To repair your "Professional" program, please visit
  - Follow the simple steps VERY carefully

To repair your "Lite" program please delete ALL of the "Check-In" files and replace them with a network backup. 
  - Your I.T. Department should have a network backup

Questions? Need more assistance ?

Email us !

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