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Check-In Check-Out
   Join more than 4,500 companies worldwide using Check-In Check-Out ©   


colors are changeable !
Main in out board
Receptionist screen

Checking the office in / out board ! 

Softech is a leader in innovative office software !

view everyone !
Sign Out Screen
Simple sign out - 2 clicks !

Online Demo

  •   Click an  event  and a  return time !
  •   Everyone's new status shows up instantly
      on the in-out board.

Simply create a shortcut to the program on each user's PC.  Employee info stays secure on your company's network .. not on the internet!  Automatically recognizes each user, no login passwords required!  Note: receptionists can update anyone's status if an individual is away from the office.  Try it for 30 days .. for any size office!

7  Reasons to try Check-In Check-Out ©
  1.   Simple to use ... installs in seconds !
  2.   History logs record actual in / out times
  3.   Emergency reports satisfy safety requirements
  4.   A  " sign-in reminder"  can sign you in automatically
  5.   A pre-sign out calendar for signing out in advance !
  6.   Can also be displayed on large  wall monitors !
  7.   Free tech support included !  No annual fees !
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